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Andrea Griffiths

“Stained, Fused and Lampwork Glass handmade with love in the small South Wales valley of Senghenydd”

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Dragon Art Glass

Quite simply I adore making unique objects from glass.

I think my glass obsession began in about the year 2000, when I took stained glass classes. I practiced, improved and sold stained glass at local craft fairs - Dragon Art Glass was born.

In 2008 after a lampworking class, flameworked glass became more of an obsession and I was fortunate to be able to purchase a lampwork setup, and set up a small studio with a kiln to anneal the beads correctly.
Hours and hours of practice later, the number of beads made began improving and building up in quantity. This led in turn to jewellery making for family, and friends and eventually selling jewellery alongside stained glass at local craft fairs for a year or two along side 'the day job'.
In 2013 I was made redundant, and was fortunate that I was in the position where I could try and work for myself. I had (most of) the kit I required, and the enthusiasm to try and make it work. I took several courses - to improve my jewellery making; to learn more varied fused glass skills, and glass painting and engraving techniques.
In 2014 I was able to invest in a new kiln, with which to make larger fused glass items.
Now I am pleased to be able to offer for sale not only my own handmade lampworked beads, but both stained and fused glass.
I can happily take commissions so please feel free to convo me if you have an idea for something you would like.