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  •  Gold knot 15cm fabric drum lampshade

    Gold knot 15cm fabric drum...


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  • Blue leaf batik handmade 30cm drum lampshade

    Blue leaf batik handmade 30...


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About diligenthandsfabrics


Your favourite African fabrics and handmade shop

My first sourcing trip to Ghana was in 2007 which launched my retail business hand picking and looking out for stand out designs that offered a deal of flexibility when creating clothing. I sell fabrics from different part of Africa but several now come from Nigeria, Ghana and Netherlands.

In the many years I have been in business my passion is finding diversified designs as African prints become more mainstream. Finding products that suit a diverse set of needs crafts and dressmaking is necessary to keep a polished and luxurious appeal for whatever project that is being worked on. As you would find Diligent Hands Fabrics is a one of a kind African Prints retail shop.

I keep working to ensure our listings are mature, youthful, tasteful, fresh, look expensive in spite of our pocket friendly price. The designs I showcase are always intricate yet delicate in texture, using the finest materials and having gone through stringent quality validation.

Why have we here?

Firstly as a filter
All the products are sourced directly from manufacturers/ artisan suppliers and where it is not possible to buy directly, I only purchase through designated partners of the supplier. Most of my sourcing partners are African based businesses that feed into the economy of their domicile country. I also work with talented African ingenious designers in diaspora.

I don't buy imitation designs or cheaper quality products to increase my bottom-line. Shopping with Diligent Hands Fabrics can guarantee you would not be conned. We keep our eyes on the quality mark and incorporate our customer feedback into our sourcing process. The work is already done work for you so you can have peace of mind about your purchase. If it's not the real deal...it's not on display here ☺ and I dare say you can take that to the bank!

Secondly I keep the collection fresh
Diligent Hands Fabrics is all about keeping it fresh and relevant. My product selections have been handpicked for the target clientele; my approach is to create a boutique style appeal. My business supports a network of authenticated savvy designers whose work are not mass produced.The designs range from contemporary to classic and sometimes just funky so there is always something for everyone.

I stock products in different textures, aesthetic with lots of interesting illustrations and paradigms. The shop is set to make you dig further into your creative genes. I love to say with our listings" the more you look the more you see".

Thirdly I am here to support you.
I am happy to answer questions on the products or general questions about fabrics, styling, sizes, custom orders, restocking options or anything you may fancy asking. If you are new to using African fabrics it could get overwhelming trying to figure things out on your own. Keep your questions coming they help me be better prepared to serve you while popular questions are added to the FAQ.

I am here to provide you with choices. I want you to have an "ah ha" moment all the time. Tired of seeing the mass produced designs? Tired of drawing better designs in your head than what is available in shops? Well maybe I can change that!

Sometimes, the products offered can be only found with in my shop as they are custom ordered. I take care to stock a wide range yet handpick every single one of them. While we know there is more in numbers, the last thing you want is to have 20 people wear the same print if it is not a party uniform!

I appreciate your custom, referrals and general support. If you experience anything shy of a 5 star treatment tell me so I can fix it. If you get the celebrated treatment you deserve please don't keep it to yourself. I would be happy to hear about it in the reviews section.

Favourite my shop to get alerts on new products and shop updates that way you can continue to stay in touch!
You can follow me on social media @diligenthandsfabrics for style inspirations or just to know what am up to.

Thanks for reading