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“New name - same service. Sometimes classic, sometimes quirky, always unique.”

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Love colour, love texture - love what I do!

I so enjoy making things & I want you to enjoy seeing & wearing them. My late Mum had limited sight & she liked the feel of fused glass pendants, so I often include bold pieces with lots of texture. She also had to do up clasps by feel, so I usually try to keep them simple. And a friend who is allergic to all metals loves wearing glass pendants on cords; having had them created just for her means they are all the more special.

I started all this about 10 years ago when I set my heart on a blue & gold beaded necklace. I couldn't find anything even close to what I had in mind, so I found a bead shop, chose some beads & (after a bit of experimenting) I had my necklace. People admired it, I made a couple in other colours for friends & word got around. So I made more. It was good to help out when someone wanted something in a particular colour or size. It was a huge honour to be asked to make a bead necklace to match a friend's beautiful Ghanaian national dress. I made two to choose from & she bought both! Then I heard about "fine silver" & I couldn't wait to try it. I still love it because of it's range & versatility. It works very well with another favourite thing, sea shells! Next I came across a "microwave kiln" for fusing glass to use in jewellery. I had to have one. It didn't last long - I needed more space, so when I took early retirement I treated myself to a small electric kiln. It has seen lots of use & proved very successful - but now I want more shelf space...............

Having just moved from London to North Devon I have discovered just how much "jewellery stuff" is awaiting my attention. Far too much! But fortunately I also have lots of notes, sketches & ideas awaiting their turn to come alive. And they will - all in good time. However, there will be a short delay whilst my kitten learns not to tip the bead boxes upside down at every opportunity.....

Finally, I believe in supporting UK businesses & I source whatever I need from UK artists & suppliers where possible.