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“Creative, Original, Unique Contemporary Textile Jewellery incorporating wool, fibres, yarns, wire... Handmade in Hartland, Devon”

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Crystal Clarke Textile Jewellery Artist

Handmade contemporary textile jewellery handcrafted from textiles, wool, fibres, yarns, natures harvest using my mixed media process incorporating an eco resin.

"Brighten your day with a Fusion of Colour"
"Creative, Original, Unique Contemporary, Textile Jewellery Handmade with Passion for You!"
Handmade in Hartland, Devon

Handmade Contemporary Textile Jewellery using my mixed media process incorporating an eco resin, textiles, wool, fibres, yarns, natures harvest. Each piece is designed and handmade individually which guarantees an original piece of jewellery.

I also make Chainmaille Jewellery in Titanium, Niobium, Sterling Silver, Copper.

Made to order items can take 14 to 21 days to complete.

I use varied and recycled materials to create a sheet as my base, the same as I would have a sterling silver or copper base sheet.
I hand texture the sheet using various techniques and use a pierce saw for cutting out pieces which are further enhanced to create my mixed media art jewellery in different designs. I then use an air brush and/or hand brush to paint, building up layers of colour and effect in a similar way to a motorbike artist but on a smaller scale for jewellery, art and decorative metalwork.

I get my inspiration from motorbike art and effects especially from my paint job I had done on my motorbike which is a crystal rainbow drusy effect.

I also get inspiration from the changing seasons displaying their array of beautiful colours and textures that nature bestows on us.

The precious metal jewellery over the legal weight is fully hallmarked with my personal makers mark (CC), this simply stands for Crystal Clarke. As well as my makers mark there is the date letter, metal purity, sterling silver mark plus the anchor denoting where the hallmarking took place which is the Birmingham Assay Office.

Jewellery Pieces have a Crystal Clarke branded makers tag and comes to you in a lovely Crystal Clarke branded gift box.

I have always been creative, went to Art College did an Art and Design Foundation Course and learned about Fashion and Textiles, Three Dimensional Design, Photography, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Art History. I have always had a passion for Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Beads, Jewellery Making, Art and Crafts.

I love to Draw and Paint using Coloured Pencils, Watercolours and Acrylics.

The Crafts I also enjoy are Batik and Tie Dye and love doing my own Tie Dye T-Shirts, also Crochet and Knitting in which I was taught by my late Nan at a very young age, I love to learn new techniques and experimenting with different materials.
Crafts that are on my list of learning and trying are Lampwork Glass Bead Making, Fused Glass, Candle Making in all sorts of different shapes (I love candles especially the fragrant ones) and Lapidary.

Jewellery Making, Beads, Art, Crafts, Metalwork, Drawing, Photography, Knitting, Crochet, Motorbikes, Motorbike Art, Rallies, Dog Walking, Cycling, Countryside, Nature, Wildlife, Seaside, Gardening, Baking, Rock Music, Dance Music, Dancing, Crystals, Rocks, Minerals and Fossils, Lapidary, Markets, Rock/Gem/Bead/Jewellery Fairs/Shows.

Loves Motorbike and Cake!