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“Betsy Badge because B is for Beautiful....”

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About Betsy Badge

Betsy Badge

Hand Printed Lovelies, Knitted gorgeousness and touchable textiles.....with the odd pastel artwork thrown in!

Hi, welcome to my shop!

I hope you love colour and textiles as much as me :)

I began many and too far to count years ago at the London College of Fashion studying fashion design. I then began my working journey as a scientist....but found my way back to design years later once my children needed me less.

All I can say is I wish I'd found my way back sooner. I love working for myself, designing, creating, touching fabrics, ink and paint. It's a real pleasure and honour to be able to make things that people buy and actually love.

I will always 'make' and if you guys keep buying then thats the icing on the cake...with a huge cup of tea :)

I live in a lovely town in Essex with my three children, who are children no more, my husband who works in Germany and three cats and two dogs. Apart from designing I love walking, going to Scotland, the pebbly beach (hence my photo) and learning new things.

Feel free to drop me line to chat or ask any questions about me or my work. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon.