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Blue Forest Jewellery
Blue Forest Jewellery

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“Accessories and jewellery including bag charms and key rings, stamped and beaded”

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About Blue Forest Jewellery

Blue Forest Jewellery

Unique handmade bag charms, accessories and jewellery

My name is Alison and I've been a jewellery addict for a long time. A while ago, I discovered you could buy beads and make your own things which looked exactly how you wanted them. So for years I've made handmade accessories and jewellery whenever I can, and as a result I have more than I can wear in a lifetime. People seem to like what I make (checkout my feedback) so now I sell too. My inspiration is nature - there really is a forest and in spring it's rich with bluebells - and love of sparkly things. My beautiful Labrador dog helps too, although he is less competent with the pliers than me.