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Escape in Clay

I started ceramics in 2001 at night's school and I fell in love with clay. I was then a full time assistant editor and I found it difficult to fit some creative time in my busy life. However, I much needed it and the 2 hours I spent at the studio every week were truly happy times!! I find that when I work with clay, time stops and I forget all my worries. It's a moment of total escapism.

In 2010 my job came to an end and my husband encouraged me sell my work and in March 2011 a Blue Butterfly was born!

In February 2013 a new chapter was started when I bought my very first kiln. Exciting!! I now work from my conservatory/dining room, with my little dog, Milou, at my side! I handbuild my work, often using a pastry rolling pin to create slabs of clay. I also use coiling and pinching techniques. I use commercial glazes. I apply them by hand with 2 or 3 coats to ensure it's thick enough to produce the desired colour.

I love the versatility of clay, especially the potential to produce three-dimensional pieces, either functional or purely decorative. I make small sculptures, candle and tealight holders, small dishes, vases and wall art, jewellery - just to name a few. I mostly use stoneware. I now fire everything myself in an electric kiln. All my work is created entirely by me from the original design to the finished product. For my decorating, I often use commercial stamps and cookie cutters. For my jewellery and some of my pots, I use commercially purchased components (beads, charms, wire, leather cord, findings etc.) which I combine with my ceramics. All of my jewellery includes at least one ceramic component handmade by me.

I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Leaves, flowers, animals and landscapes are regular motifs in my work, and I often use leaves to impress patterns into the clay. I also use stamps, and various household objects such as lace, hessian, buttons, screws, dowels, paint brushes, wall paper etc. I am also been loosely inspired by the steampunk genre.