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“Handcrafted Jewellery As Unique As You Are - Inspired Designs, Created With Love ”

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Beguiled by the Bead

Passing Time Pleasantly.........

From the moment I made my first pair of earrings I was hooked, my love affair with beads had begun.

I have a passion for artisan made lampwork glass beads and spend countless hours searching for just the right ones. I love the depth of colour, the mysterious swirls and intricate patterns and I’m truly awed by the skill of the glass artists.

I also love freshwater pearls and semi precious gemstones and to be able to combine all of these beads in my designs is a great delight to me.

My focus is on quality. I enjoy making each and every piece and want my buyers to feel they have a unique item that will become a cherished favourite to be worn again and again. Most of my designs are one of a kind, but no two pieces will be exactly the same.

The dictionary defines 'Beguiled' as ‘to amuse, charm or delight’, ‘to pass time pleasantly’, so there you have it, I’m truly beguiled by the bead.