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“Lovingly made, painted textile and mixed media wall hangings and decorative home adornments”

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Artstrings - Vicky Wooldridge

I transform textiles and metal from drinks cans into colorful wall hangings

Hello i'm Vicky. I work in my garden shed in the beautiful devon countryside. I am a cat lover but have an adopted tiny dog with a big personality called Rosie, who is a terror (and Terrier). My mum, who is 90 this year, inspired me to sew and do yoga from any early age. I mainly make wall hangings by painting and distressing re used fabrics. I heat up drinks cans to soften them, draw on them to emboss a design and put them through my sewing machine (Nina). I love paper and felt making, rolling up paper beads to paint in rich colors, making polymer clay tiles to glue on or mosaic, working with lino cuts and printing them onto any available surface including clay, wood, fabric and paper. I have a thing for all wildlife especially Hares, Hummingbirds and Owls. I often use circles in my work to represent the moon and celebrate the Goddess, nature and the seasons. Walking the dog on the beach to get inspiration blows out the cobwebs and I collect driftwood with my partner Chris. I can't bring myself to eat animals but don't judge others for their choices. If there is leather or suede in my work it has been acquired for free and second hand but I will always state when used. I love life and am blessed to have the freedom to create. If i can make a living from this, that would be grand. I hope you like my creations as much as i love making them.You'll find me on facebook @ARTstrings . Phew!, if you made it through all that, thank you for your interest. Vic xx