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Julie Routley

“Unique Stained Glass Mosaic Jewellery. Hand Made In Cornwall.”

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Angel Mosaics

Art with a passion for wildlife

I live and work from home on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall where I share my studio with my partner who is a stained glass artist and two mischievous cats called Pickles and Dibley :)

I am self taught in art and for the past six years I have been making stained glass mosaics and am totally in love with the effect of glass on glass. Light is the essential ingredient in my work and when added each piece comes to life, the glass sparkles, colours pop and some even glow in the dark!

I draw my inspiration for my work from my passion for wildlife, birds and the Devon and Cornish countryside, with its spectacular coastlines and wild and mysterious moors.

I also work in a range of other media including oil,acrylic and digital art and have had a number of successful exhibitions throughout Devon and Cornwall.

I welcome enquiries and am always happy to discuss your ideas for a special piece of work :) Thank you and I hope you like my work :)