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Anna Yevtukh-Squire

“ Bespoke handmade books, journals, notebooks, diaries, guest books, boxes, photo albums and more”

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Unique Hand-bound books

I love all things handmade and books.
I was trained as an artist and have been making unusual creative books since 1998.
I like to experiment with different materials and to put them in a new and unexpected context.
Each book is starting life as a mere spontaneous idea. My inspiration is always changing!
I build each book the old world way using hand tools - an awl, needle and thread, ruler, bone folder.. Most of my materials, as well as my tools and most of binding methods, are the same as used thousand years ago.
In an age of mass production, something handmade is to be treasured!
I devote my soul to each creation and, as an end result, it shines, eludes the warmth from my hands and heart.
I am always open to consider any commission proposal.