Meet the maker Gemma Garner

It all started when I bought my first laptop. A white, glossy, 13″ Macbook. I loved it. I wanted it to stay looking as good as new so I decided I should get a case for it. I didn’t want something ‘executive’ or ‘waterproof’ (who takes their laptop scuba diving anyway?). I also didn’t want to settle for the best of a bad bunch on the shelf in front of me. I was looking for something I actually liked, something a bit more ‘me’.

Buying gadgets is a bit odd really. Take laptops… you spend alot of money on your new laptop and the problem is, it’s yours, but it doesn’t really feel like yours. It looks the same as everyone else’s. A plastic and metal shiny thing. So what do you do? You go out and buy a swanky case. Proud of your new gadget/case combo you decide to show them off in public. But wait! You spot someone else with the exact same case. It’s then that you realise your gadget still isn’t yours.

And that’s why we make our cases. We like to think of them as clothes for gadgets. Made by people, for machines, not the other way around. A way of injecting your personality into your electronic companion.

All of our cases are handmade in small and limited edition runs in Surrey, England.

We love to use upcycled materials, not just because they make more unusual cases, but because they are better for the environment too. Since we started, we’ve upcycled shirts, skirts, coats, helicopter seats and trousers into eco friendly cases.

If you’d like to see us create cases for your most loved digital companion, don’t be shy, get in touch. We’re all ears…

We hope you love our products!

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