Meet the maker Peppered Moth

Hi my name is Vicky and I am obsessed with creating with fabrics and paper and love seeing the effect light can have when shining through different materials and was therefore drawn to making lampshades. I decided make a beautiful lampshade for myself in my spare time and once I started I couldn't stop. I originally studied textiles to degree level and have never lost the desire to create with fabrics. I have now transformed my sunny spare room into a workroom where I happily spend most of my spare time.

All my shades are made using high quality fabric or carefully created with my own hand made techniques and finished off to a high standard with neatly finished hand rolled edges. Following recent feedback I have now upgraded my production materials and have now found a stronger adhesive to attach the seams of my shades to ensure that shades made with a thicker fabric bond securely.
I would be happy to consider making a shade on request if you would like a different size to the ones displayed or have a particular fabric that you would like to be used. Just contact me to discuss sizes / prices etc.