Meet the maker Nifty Thrifty

I live in North Devon and work mainly from home as a freelance writer, PR and maker of stuff. I'm also studying part time for a degree in ceramics so expect more 'potty' stuff in the future.

At the moment I'm particularly interested in re-purposing and admire all the amazing crafters out there who make use of odds and sods that others have cast aside. It's great for the environment and great for creativity. I also recognise that it's not always the cheapest option but it is a socially responsible option.

I also admire crafters who print their own fabrics and this is something I am exploring too.

For my ceramics I am interested in iconic forms and am currently focusing on sweeties. I make the moulds myself from classic sweets such as gummy bears, jelly babies and love hearts. I also cast gorgeous vintage buttons when I find them.

I have a blog with my nifty ramblings and links to makers who recycle. Click here to go to
my blog
I am also developing my website
- here you'll find more information as well as free things like patterns.