Meet the maker Helen Jacobs

My name is Helen and I am a young woman living with the condition known as Albinism, very proud mother of six children two of whom are not so little any more: four handsome sons ages 24, 23, 12 and 6, two beautiful daughters ages 17 and 14; living in London; home educators of 17 years; advocate of autonomous natural learning experiences, inspiring creativity and embracing nature; life long knitter, fibre artist, indie yarn dyer, hand spinner, designer, photographer and artist; existing outside of materialism through recycled living, community currencies and low cost family life, committed to celebrating our unique differences through developing our family culture and expression in all its amazing challenges. Embracing my creativity, colourful spirit and freedom of expression through natural dyeing and fibre arts has transformed my raising a family at home experience into something even more beautiful over the past few years. Being creative along with my children certainly keeps me active and I am very proud to be able to share with you my unique range of hand dyed spinning fibres and handspun yarns all produced from the highest quality wool and wool blends obtained from mainly British and rare breeds of sheep, coloured by hand in our kitchen and garden.As a family we are strong advocates of recycling so any matter used in the process of dyeing is recycled and gifted back to the garden to be used as compost. Celebrating an ancient yet recently re-discovered way to knit through loom knitting instead of struggling to hold knitting needles, I happily devote a lot of my time developing and publishing knitwear designs and toys to be completed by hand using a knitting loom, rake or board. If you have been struggling with knitting or crochet, or are disheartened with all those holes left behind from dropped stitches, look no further, loom knitting is a viable alternative for hand knitters or crochet lovers, producing the same results much quicker and in all styles, visit my website for more information