Meet the maker Cherylline

I've been knitting for around 5 years, since i started I've just not stopped, my little home constantly has the sound of click click from my needles. I love knitting creating and yarns like you wouldn't believe, I have stacks of yarn and just can't knit as fast aa I can think of new ideas.

I knit everything from the inspiration that I get from each new yarn that I see and touch, I immediately see how I could knit it up. So each piece that you see in my store has been created entirely from my connection with the yarn.

I also use unconventional techniques to create my designs. So please be advised that I'm not a technical knitter, but more of an organic knitwear designers.

I don't recreate others or mass produced knitting patterns. I see no excitement from that personally.

I've now given up my day job (which was at Central St Martins School of Art & Design) to knit myself stupid.