Meet the maker Jan Ellen Johnson

Welcome to my shop.

I am at a Craft Fair today 11th November 2017, I will re open my shop this evening.
The first time I picked up a piece of clay was at Adult Education Class many years ago, from then on I have been hooked. I have gained two City and Guilds qualifications from Poole College and attended recreational ceramics until recently. I now have my own kiln and potters wheel.

I have always been interested in creating things, whether it is clay or other mediums, always looking to improve my skills. So far the most rewarding medium is clay. To take a lump of raw material and form it into a piece of art is very satisfying.

Whenever I have a spare moment my studio calls me, (the shed down the bottom of the garden) and I am off to wedge up some clay or glaze a piece calling for colour. I feel that there is no end to its “possibilities” just time is a problem, not enough of it to really give me true fulfilment. My inspiration comes from many sources for the most part it is the sea, what’s on it, in it, and around it, all are captivating and give me endless ideas. As you may have guessed my favorite colour is turquoise, this is also my birthstone. I love Hares and marvel at those magical creatures, if I am lucky enough to actually spot one in the wild that is a real bonus. I have re-created one for my shop. My Hare pendant necklace has capured the eyes of many people, even when sitting in a cafe have a drink! Has brought me luck so I wear him often.

Currently I am working on a line framed ceramic plaques. also pendant necklaces; I use sterling silver chains, bails and chokers.