Meet the maker

Hello and welcome to Plushimoto,

When I was a child, my sister and I spent times making our own toys. We made toys from whatever we could find around our house, papers, fabrics, mums' magazines etc...

We used lots and lots of imaginations and we still have these lovely memories together.

My favourite part of making dolls is dressing them up and I want to share it with you. I love hand sewing for the dresses and accessories. I aim to make each piece unique.
Hopefully in 2015 I will be working full time for my Plushimoto shop after years of working with figures.

A comment from customer:
" Family and guests who visited over the holidays were charmed by Cheese and
Biscuit and the whimsical touch they added to our holiday decorating.
I know they will be an integral part of our holidays for years to come."

Thank you.
Goong (^_^)