Meet the maker Kat Vincent

About Us

Leopard Print Bee is run by the couple Mike and Kat, and driven by their love for seeing the beauty in life!

Kat is a software engineer (embedded, to be precise) and has recently graduated from University. She is the other half of Mike, who is a graphic designer, working in the label industry. He introduced Kat to resin and once she managed to cast her first tiny sheep (polymer clay, not real) in resin she was hooked! Kat runs around wildly finding new and strange things to turn in to jewellery, while Mike keeps her a little grounded and reminds her to finish pieces and not just keep making new stock!

They both hope that they can woo you with their unusual pieces and bring a little bit of beauty or peaceful life to your day :)


Now, unfortunately, for the nitty-gritty stuff.

If you purchase an item from us and you are not entirely satisfied with them, then, we are completely happy to offer you a full refund, but we ask that you could please return them in their original packaging and let us know you are doing so via here, or email :)

Please be aware that we are using polyester resin, and the earring hooks are neither silver nor silver-plated.

Everything we make is handmade. That means there may be slight imperfections, such as bubbles, but we would never put anything up that we do not feel is beautiful, even if it may have a few "freckles"!

If you have any special ideas or requests, we will do our up-most to try and create them for you!

Everything we send out to you will be securely and prettily packaged, suitable for you or for a gift. And hopefully sent out within a day or two of payment.

We are more than happy for you to use any of the images or text relating to our products, providing they directly link back to ourselves, either here or

We can also be found on Facebook as LeopardPrintBee or you can read our blog! All details can be found at!