Meet the maker Laura Hardy

My name is Laura and I am currently based in York. A couple of years ago I saw online a site where people were making animals made from pairs of socks. Greatly amused I bought some cute looking socks and an addiction was born! I make a variety of animals such as elephants, dogs, dinosaurs, monkeys, rabbits, cats, hippos and recently I've been trying giraffes. Each animal uses one pair of socks. I create them by hand sewing brand new charming patterned and plain socks and put my personal stamp on each by making clothes and accessories for them.

I fill each with hollowfibre toy filling (which complies with furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations) and take great care in sewing all buttons and parts on extra tightly. However I would not recommend that they are given to children under the age of 5.

I also love to paint portraits using acrylic paints. If you like what you see then I will paint (from your photo) a portrait in colour or black and white, and send to you within 14 days.