Meet the maker Julie Brooks

My name is Julie Brooks; I have lived in America and Europe, and currently reside in Cornwall.

I am a creative person, who enjoys finding new ideas and love the "hand Crafted" world as it is so individual and unique. Purchasing something which is a "one off" - no two the same, for me, is what is so special about Crafts - hence JB Crafts; you never know what may appear for sale next.

I am a crochet addict, and love bunting which I have in my outdoor patio and around the home, so many requests for more that I decided to start selling. I am always crocheting new projects.

I have worked with clay all my life as a hobby. Whilst I work full time, my love of clay and sculpture has dominated my world. Over the last few years I have experimented with lots of ideas and feel very confident with the work I am now creating.

Clay speaks to me; there is nothing like a piece of clay in your hands and whilst you may have an idea in your head as to what you wish to create, the clay tends to make its own decision and I think it is important to let the clay dictate what you make.

I have displayed and sold my work over the years at various events and craft fairs, but have always found it difficult to sell my work as I get very attached. Now I feel ready to share so I am stepping into the world of Folksy to see if you like my work and wish to buy it.

As I do this as a hobby, for me this venture into the selling world is about understanding the market and what you the buyer wants and likes.

I hand craft everything; each piece is unique – no two pieces are the same; I love mixing my work up with glazes, I have a small shed I work in which is my escape, as I work full time my turnover of stock is limited but hopefully you will enjoy what I have created.

My pieces are heavy and thick which is always a challenge when firing. I like to mix and match glaze in particular crystallised glazes. I love to burnish my work – I do this with a small silver spoon so is quite a labour of love!

I make Mushrooms; Chickens; Sheep; Cows; Pigs; Squirrels; Hedgehogs; Pumpkins; Jack-o-Lanterns; Cats; Hearts – hanging and paperweights; Cane Tops – I poked my eye with a cane top and decided to make my own I do all of the above plus; dogs; fruit; vegetables; owls; snails and slugs to name a few.

All my work is glazed; burnished or plain terracotta. I use red earthenware and sometimes mix this with sanded terracotta and/or grog.

I create my work for outside; although the harsh winters of late are far too harsh for the items to be guaranteed survival. On saying this I still have work 5 years on outside in good condition but aged beautifully in the outdoor.

I would love your feedback.