Meet the maker Hannah Shepheard

I have always done and always loved art - my childhood ambition was to become an art student and it was at university that I fell in love with printmaking and I have never looked back; I love the processes, the patience, the unknown and the reveal.

After studying art at school and gaining a degree and masters in art and printmaking at university I got an office job working for a wonderful antiques dealers in West London. It wasn't art, but the pieces of rare oriental porcelains and jades were stunningly beautiful and an area of art I previously knew nothing about, so it was a wonderful place to be, and I learned so much about the practical side of running a small business and all the joys of paperwork and cataloguing, that it was an invaluable experience.

Long working days and city life left little time or space for art and it wasn't until I moved out of London to Kent with my fabulously supportive husband that I decided to quit my job and finally get back to dabbling in the thing I've always loved. Our new home came with a wonderful garden and an amazing workshop which I quickly claimed for my own and got it ready for me to get going with my printmaking again. A lick of paint, a shiny new little press and the shelves of creative goodies I'd collected over the years and I was ready to go.

Now I am making as much work as I can when I can and am enjoying every minute of it.