Meet the maker Donna Alana Caldwell

I started knitting as a child, although I left it for many years as I became more interested in patchwork and embroidery.

My Mum, Granny and Great-Granny all knitted and I loved watching them create something almost by magic. I could'nt understand how a simple piece of yarn could suddenly re-appear as an object that was often so beautiful (but not always, sorry Mum. The memory of the infamous cardie that was started when I was in the Brownies and was finally completed for a family holiday when I was 14 still hurts, especially as she took the huff when I refused to wear it on the plane).

As I became older I began to appreciate the pleasure that knitting gives you. It's quite different from other crafts as I find that it has an immediate satisfaction. You can see an item develop quickly. Also, I find that the feeling of working with wool is very comforting and yet invigorating. There's a recognition that you're doing something that has been done for so many years, often handed down through the generations.

The huge variety of wool and fibres available now is very exciting and inspiring. Sadly I realise that it's very unlikely that I'll ever complete all the projects that whizz round in my head!

I knit at home, but I take my knitting with me just about everywhere. I've knitted on trains, beaches, but, sadly, never at Wimbledon! I find it's a great way to 'detatch' yourself from your surroundings (or even some people, if I'm being cruelly honest).

By the way, the 'cover -girl' on my shop banner is our cat, Twiglet. You might be relieved to know that she greatly enjoys her 'fee' of a tasty cat treat.

I hope that you enjoy looking at some of the things I make, and maybe find a bit of inspiration to create something yourself.