Meet the maker Charlotte Hupfield

About Me
My passion for Ceramics began from an early age, and I always knew it was a craft I wanted to master. It was at Coventry University where I expanded my previous knowledge and making processes, and graduated in 2008 with a BA Honours degree, specialising in Ceramics.
I now make my work from my studio in Northamptonshire. My Ceramics are displayed and sold in galleries in the UK, and I often sell my work at craft fairs and take part in exhibitions.

Artist Statement
My Ceramics are all made using a stoneware clay. I am fascinated by the qualities of the material, this keeps my work full of excitement. I relish in constructing an object using my hands to thoroughly engage with what I am making.
Having always been attracted to natural surroundings and organic surfaces, I am genuinely drawn to textures within the world around us. My ceramics explores the landscape and the detail of many different natural surfaces.
Whilst concealed amongst these surroundings, I feel relaxed and at home. I find it amazing to see the changes in rocks and coves caused by weathering and erosion from the sea, bumpy and colourful linear patterns found within fields and hills, and the surfaces in nature where no two marks are ever the same – it is this particular aspect that my ceramics connects to.
Before hand-constructing the ceramic forms, I produce mixed-media drawings and prints, which inform the surfaces of the clay.
My interest and passion for ceramics is growing rapidly the more I experience new ideas, and for every piece of work that I make.
My work is fired in an electric kiln up to 1260°C and can be used for interior and exterior display or function.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you.