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“Made for fun!”

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  • Spaceman earrings

    Spaceman earrings

    Rose Bay Jewellery

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  • Multi-strand brass turtle bracelet

    Multi-strand brass turtle b...

    Rose Bay Jewellery

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  • A Big, Chunky, Sari Silk Plaited Necklace

    A Big, Chunky, Sari Silk Pl...

    Rose Bay Jewellery

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About Rose Bay Jewellery

Rose Bay Jewellery

Jewellery made with fun in mind!

My name is Lynne and I run Rose Bay Jewellery from an ancient and beautiful village in southern England.

Jewellery is everywhere. All kinds, for all pockets, but it seemed to me that one thing was missing – a lot of it is just so serious. Where was the fun?

Some styles lend themselves to a bit of quirkiness better than others, and for this reason I make a lot of Boho and Steampunk jewellery. I also like to make seasonal, historically-inspired or just downright daft. Whatever takes my fancy, really!

Materials are sourced from all over the world and often these come from fair trade or ethical suppliers, but I have been known to use things like sea glass, found items or vintage beads from old jewellery. Whatever it takes to make the piece beautiful...


When I couldn't find a bracelet to match a favourite dress, I bought some beads and made my own. My daughter loved the result and I made some for her, too. Little did I realise then, what an addictive hobby I was taking up! It didn't take long before I found myself enchanted by the vast selection of beautiful beads and components available, and little packets of colourful supplies began dropping through my letterbox.

Many of my items are unique one-off creations. Often my designs are adjustable as I'm well aware that people don't come out of the same mould and so many of us struggle with finding just the right jewellery to wear. Such a shame! I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be able to express their own individuality regardless of size, gender, physical limitations or any other difficulty they might have.

I would be happy to help advise on any suitable products in my range if you want to discuss your difficulty, or it is possible I might be able to make simple changes to a product to help you. All such discussions would, of course, be entirely confidential.

Rose Bay jewellery is fun and unique – just like you!