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About Hollowbourne


I make quirky illustrative metal jewellery, mainly brooches. Featuring all sorts of creatures real and imaginary.

This is me in my shed at my workbench which my husband made me about 30 years ago. It looks like a mess but this is actually quite tidy for me. My bench is stained and well worn, but so solidly made it is good for many more years work yet, though I do need to make another bench peg, you cant tell from this but I have nearly sawn one side of it away.
In this picture you may be able to make out some of the paper patterns I use for reference, a half finished fox pendant and a finished dragon. I was cutting out a Happy Flat Fat Cat when this photo was taken.
There is a pot of black stopping out varnish to coat the back of my work when its being etched, a couple of nail varnish pens and some sharpies for drawing on the metal before etching. Files and sanding blocks for removing sharp edges, thinners for removing the varnish and a pile of design paperwork.
Behind the saw frame you can see the edge of the shelf that the cat sleeps on when he is not making a nuisance of himself.
The workbench is not my oldest thing in my workshop, that honour goes to my old swivel chair which is older than me even! It came from the engineering drawing office that my dad used to work in.