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“Masquerade party masks and flower crowns for all occasions! ”

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Handmade and hand decorated masquerade masks and hair accessories ...unique OOAK wearable art!

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Debbs Elliman

Masquerade mad!

Hi There!
I make masquerade masks for masked ball parties, theatrical wear, fancy dress, weddings and even TV!!

Most of my work is one of a kind, unique, hand painted and decorated.
Covered in gems and feathers, ribbons and braids, you won't find my masks on the high street.
Ladies and Men's carnival masks, prom masks and wedding eye wear.... all handmade or hand decorated in my little studio.

I tuck myself away in my little studio in Leicestershire UK and hand cut and paint leather or I get plastered with plaster bandage and can spend up to a week creating, some are decorated blank masks too, but you can be certain of getting something unique!!