Bones loves Bubbles

“Natural Soap & Skincare. Pure heaven, loving nature & life.”

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About Bones loves Bubbles

Bones loves Bubbles

Natural soap & skincare: pure heaven, loving nature and life

Hello! I'm Fliss & I've been a soapmaker for over 15 years. Initially it was a relaxing hobby I took up after wondering for years how soap's made. Then, after a long unexpected illness, it became a means to make a living in 2010. The business & brand name 'Bones loves Bubbles' came about when I and my siblings were clearing the family home after my mum's death from Alzheimer's Disease, a decade after our dad died from cancer. In 1946, when their relationship was very new, mum had gone away for a week with her family. Dad clearly missed her, so wrote several letters to her, starting them with, "To my darling Bubbles," and signing them "from your loving Bones." That Christmas I made soap as gifts for my siblings using 'Bones loves Bubbles' on the label - the brand name was born.