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About BeadstormJewellery


Gemstones, pearls and crystals - and a torrent of passion = Beadstorm Jewellery

After training as a mental health nurse I had the privilege of caring for people with mental health difficulties for over 30 years.

I stumbled upon jewellery making totally by chance - or maybe it was there all along waiting for me to find it?
When I discovered gemstones I was well and truly hooked.
I love the look, the feel and everything to do with them. I'm in my element when I go to a bead fair, surrounded by so many gemstones, some familiar, some that I've never heard of, let alone seen. All beautiful in their own way.

All my jewellery items are designed and made by me. Most are one offs and where I do make moe than one in the same design, I make a limited number and most have a unique feature to them.

These days I have retired from paid employment, so I can devote much of my time to Beadstorm Jewellery.
I'm a bit of a night owl and so I tend to make most of my jewellery in the evenings, often spilling over into the early hours.
I sell online, through physical shops and also at craft fairs and other events.

Our house is ruled by two spoilt cats - husband and I fit around their lifestyle (mainly food and relaxation).

I try to get creative about gardening and cooking, but the beads always win.

I hope you enjoy looking through my shop - if there is anything that you like but would like adapting in some way, a colour change, a different size, please ask and if I can, it I will.