Meet the maker Sarah Middleton

In a beautiful valley full of bird song and rolling hills, there is a house with a blue door nestled on a hillside. In this sweet place to be Sarah draws inspiration for 'the way to blue...'
Sarah Middleton is an artist based in North Wales. Sarah’s most recent works are created using the old photographic process of cyanotype invented by Sir John Herschel in 1841. A light sensitive solution is applied to watercolour paper, objects or negatives layered on then exposed to sunlight, the solution is then rinsed off and the paper dried, fixing the image.
Sarah uses this technique to explore folkloric imagery from her imagination. She plays with natural forms gathered from the hedgerows, found or treasured objects such as antique lace, old buttons and pendants, hand-cut animal, bird and butterfly shapes and photos from her country lane ramblings. By layering textures such as delicate lace with bird/animal shapes Sarah creates unique images.
Influenced by her love of the British countryside from her Shropshire roots growing up in a house nestled in the forest, time spent living close to nature in a caravan by a fisherman's cottage, to now - the beautiful Conwy valley in North Wales. On the edge of Snowdonia her playground is now mountainous and beach full where her imagination is free to run wild...
Light is naturally at the heart of Sarah’s cyanotypes and as her work progresses she hopes to explore its potential further.