Meet the maker Randal Marr R.P.T.

The Turners in the Church are Jules and Randal Marr, R. P. T. We have been celebrating the lives of trees through our exclusive decorative and functional wooden products since 1978. We are winners of the Ted Mahoney Award for “All that is Excellent in the Craft Industry”, having come first in a field of over 990 other competitors.

Our Studio is in the sanctuary of a converted Victorian Chapel of Ease, in North Yorkshire, where we work mainly with native British timbers, much of which is local, some even harvested from our own trees. Please remember that every tree has had a series of life conditions unique to it, and these manifest in the wood itself. We undertake the joyful task of revealing this astonishing silent history to all that see and touch our work. Our clients know that owning a piece that celebrates the life of trees is extremely satisfying.

In recognition of his skill, Randal was awarded, in March 1995, the status of Registered Professional Turner, by The Worshipful Company of Turners, an ancient guild in London.