Meet the maker Aljiche Van Den Elst-Cutsem

The Lavender Blue Paperie is my bespoke card business which I set up in May 2015. As my business started to grow, I needed more space to display my work, and so I converted part of my house into the Paperie, and in June 2015 added a Tea Room where I serve the ultimate sweet indulgences:) 'Lavender Blue Wedding' is my wedding card business - I make beautiful wedding cards, stationary and decoratives. Romance is the key word I suppose to describe my work: I use soft, dreamy Chateau colours, mixed with vibrant rich colours, all dressed up with vintage wedding lace, buttons, brooches, and other antique and vintage shop finds.

Some of my fondest memories as a child are those spent riffling through my mother's vast collection of cards. She kept every card and letter that came to the house, and over the years she collected thousands. I was always inspired by the cards with padded silk apertures and beautiful textures. What also struck me were the personal messages inside the cards, of friendship and love and romance of years gone by - all treasured memories to take out once in a while and remember, and to me a card is something to hold onto and treasure for always. In an age of modern technology, I am still an avid letter writer, I always have my own handmade stationary on my writing desk to drop a line to friends and family - so much nicer to receive something beautiful in the post - it really brightens your day:)

With my background in Art and my French roots together with my particular study and interest in 18th Century French Painting and design, I am always inspired by the paintings of Boucher (who is my favourite), Poussin, Watteau, Fragonard, but also Sandro Botticelli, and the Music of Jean Baptiste Lully, Rameau, and the costumes of early operas of the period. I love to look around vintage shops and antique fairs to find unusual 'one off' pieces to add to my designs. I adore paper:) Mullberry Papers, Parchment,Vellum, silk and satin finishes. I'm inspired by vintage wall coverings and textiles especially those at Versailles which I adore. I love deep harmony but tonal subtlety in all things.

Lavender Blue wedding
I believe that weddings are all about Romance - my wedding cards, stationary and decoratives are all unique 'one off' designs using the finest quality materials. With the lavender Blue you can be sure of receiving a beautifully hand crafted design, made and wrapped with love. My aim is to provide a quality and personal service throughout.