Meet the maker

We are sisters and business partners, Vicky and Jane.
Vicky (the older one) –artist and teacher, Jane (the taller one) –artist and printmaker.
We believe in freedom of creativity and encouraging visual thinking.
Things that inspire us: the sea; family; maps; words; strong impressive buildings; pattern; colour; light; texture; fabric; good design; practicality; the kids; Dorcasdog; snow.

Jane likes to change her mind, as is her prerogative, so she's been through a few careers in her time: graphic designer; dressmaker; soft furnisher; picture framer; artist and Mum (that one stuck). In 2010, she discovered a passion for lino cuts and has been happily digging away ever since, only stopping to help with the homework and make the tea.

Vicky, Superaunty and owner of small celebrity hound Dorcasdog, changes her career even more often, (it must be in the genes). She has been: a teacher; peach picker; manager; trainer; decorator; plasterer; photographer; artist and writer. No-one knows what Vicky will be doing this time next year, least of all Vicky.

Vicky and Jane brainstorm their creative ideas and run Stripedpebble together, because it makes a darn good excuse to open a bottle of wine.