Meet the maker Sandra Nesbitt

I have always done a little craft work during my younger days. I remember sewing new outfits for Friday night outs with the girls. Nothing out of the ordinary, but just good quality tops and trousers, always fully colour coordinated. And then again when my daughter was born (nearly 30 years ago) I created lovely knitted garments and nifty little shorts and waistcoat combinations.

And then life as a single parent took over. Looking after the house and making sure the family was happy and that I was always bringing in the money. My creativity came out in my home decorating , bright feature walls and gold stencilling became my obsession.

I started knitting again as a means of providing some sort of living for me when I retired from my full time IT job in the summer of 2013. I knew that I wanted to work for myself , I wanted to keep on learning new skills and generally enjoy what I do. This seemed perfect.

I wanted to create high quality wool / mohair / cashmere etc items, things to wear or have in your home. As I was learning as I went on, then uniqueness was going to be the order of the day. I have dozens and dozens of books that I use as inspiration and I have attended quite a few knitting and crochet workshops to try and improve my skills.

I've also got a thing about making something from virtually nothing , re-using material or yarn , picking things up from car boot sales and charity shops. You will see this in my felted bags and cushions , re-utilising old wool sweaters that have seen better days brings a great sense of achievement.

I have recently started developing my skills in knitwear design and now have self published a number of my designs as knitting patterns , selling here on Folksy and on Ravelry and Craftsy too. I have even managed to get some of my patterns published in knitting magazines. You can read about my 1st one here -