Meet the maker Jane Wood

My work as a creative textile artist took a new turn in Spring 2015 when my friend and I happened on some beautiful leather offcuts. The leather looked, felt and smelled wonderful so we each bought a bagful and headed home. A few days later I made the first leather bag in my own favourite "carpet bag" style and have been using it ever since. The leather just gets better with age.
Since that time we have taught ourselves to make leather accessories - bags, purses, hair decorations, bow ties, journals, diaries to name a few. Teaching myself to create with this gorgeous tactile material has been a challenge, at times frustrating but also rewarding.
So here is my online shop for Tiddleyworks. I hope you enjoy browsing. You can also meet my friend and I on Facebook as "The Leather Ladies" (Haifflinch Designs and Tiddleyworks)