Meet the maker

Hello, Thank you for looking at my shop. Polkadotsky, the home of felt Brooches, Key rings, Cards and Bags as well as other loveliness!
I am a crafty graduate and create my accessories in every spare moment, sometimes until the wee hours when I'm in the mood.
My shop was born out of a genuine love of the handmade.
Many, many, many hours of obsessively buying but then storing buttons, ribbons, felt, fabrics and shiny things had to result in something proactive.
I'm new to the use of my two sewing machines and trying not to be so scared of them. I tend to sew everything by hand but even i am defeated with the prospect of sewing bags plus linings by hand.
I am also a novice in the world of blogging and uploading photo's etc, but as with everything practice makes perfect.
I love my typewriter and intend to use this for all my card making forever... or until it breaks.
Hope you see something you like. There will be more items added regularly. See you another day! sara costello xxx