Meet the maker Liz Edwards

Mother taught me to knit. One craft I have not forgotten & carried on throughout the years.

Playing with colours is my favourite trait. Mixing and matching subtle colours from the countryside to the harsh bright colours of the city. It's all great fun and shows in my knits.

I wonder why tradition has it that little boys should be dressed in blue and girls in pink! Little girls look just as pretty in blue especially when they have gorgeous blue eyes.

Some would prefer not to have their sweet boy dressed in pink but my random stripped Big Rib Jacket in shades of Rose, Purple, Lilac, Pink and White would look great on any little fella.

Scandinavian countries often dress their little ones in bright colours usually knitted in FairIsle. I think this is great idea especially as babes start to grow.

So those are my thought which will be 'ploughed' into my knits - subtle colour mixes as well as stunning brights with delicate and bold patterns to match.