Meet the maker June McCabe

I have always drawn and painted during my life, but a chance invite to a pottery class twenty years ago got me totally hooked on ceramics. I just love clay and glazes and all the many things you can do with them. I still do papercrafting and mixed media art, and also the odd painting, which I list and sell in Willowgifts.
I live in the countryside and adore all wildlife and flora, these are the main subjects in all my work, whether it is pottery or art.
I am a studio potter, which means I am always thinking up different things to make, and only make things singly or in very low numbers which makes all of my pieces original and unique and keeps a freshness to my work.
I work in a shed at the bottom of my garden, which houses my pottery wheel. I do my hand slab building in my utility room, I am lucky enough to have a craft room in the north facing front of the house, which gives me a good north light to do my artworks.
I share my craft room with my three year old Guinea Pig, Scruff bag, who is adorable and very good company.
Finally, I live with my long suffering partner who not only has to share his garage with my large electric kiln, but most of the house, with all kinds of projects in various stages. He gives me so much support, and I am very lucky to have him.
I hope you like my work and many thanks for visiting Willowgifts. X