Meet the maker Jacyntha Etienne

I have always had a crafty imp whispering in my ear and it s only in recent years that I succumbed to it's seductive persuasiveness, finally taking the plunge and embarking on a new career, that of jewellery maker.

My chief admiration in this area is for metalwork. Not the highly finished jewellery store quality, strangely enough. I like the beaten and used effect, the eroded and antiqued piece, the rough and unfinished look - basically the organicness of a handwrought product!!!

The transition from admiring to producing was truly an overnight process. The internet and, in particular, YouTube, immediately opened my eyes to the possibility of making metalwork jewellery myself and so one day I just dived in. This new found passion proved to be the perfect medium to express my so-called artistic side - my mother, always encouraging, likes to rates my pieces on their handsomeness :)

I also have a love affair with bead and string jewellery. I love mixing and matching beads and just simply stringing them together. I find them beguilingly complex in their deceptive simplicity. Some pieces are charming, others are, erm, 'interesting' (mum again!).

Saying all that, great art is born in the heart, though is not beautiful (or 'handsome') to everyone. I present here my works of art and hope you find them at the very least, 'interesting' ;-)