Meet the maker Sarah Walters

I often think that my brain is wired up to think in shape, pattern and texture! Logic and numbers defy me but working on a print design will totally absorb me.

Anything has the potential to inspire me!

Often my work will start as a fairly realistic sketch done in situ or from photographs but I like to simplify, abstract and distort the original idea adding texture and contrast to balance the composition. Sometimes my designs will simply come from my thoughts and doodles.

I enjoy the constraints and simplicity of working with shape and space and the use of just black and white and find that lino printing is an ideal medium for me.

Infact, I love the whole physical process of designing, cutting linos, preparing stencils for a screen and then the actual printing process. I have done since my school days- and that is a long time ago!

I originally trained as a textile designer at Art College in London, specialising in printed fabrics. From college I worked with a college friend in a studio in Deptford for many years.
We produced our own printed fabrics and menswear, selling to various shops in the UK and abroad, including Harvey Nicholls and Macy's in New York. During this time we also produced fabrics for the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera house, other theatres, fashion designers and advertising and film, on a regular basis.

I moved to Wiltshire after 15 years of living in London and retrained as a Textile and Art teacher. Inspiring and encouraging creativity in children and young adults has been a rewarding, but all consuming experience for 12 years. I have missed having the time to devote to creating my own work and have recently decided to have a break from teaching.

It is early days but I am looking forward to it.