Meet the maker Grace Lamming

My love of colour and textures inspires me to create unique and individual textiles.
I use a wide range of materials including fabrics, paints, threads, embellishments and 'findings' and pride myself on using as many recycled and upcycled materials as possible.
I recycle old clothes and thread trimmings and I source many of my fabric pieces from local dressmakers offcuts and charity shops.

I draw inspiration from both the beautiful surrounding south coast and also from the places that I visit on my travels. I am continually inspired by the architecture, landscape and cultures that can be found around the globe.

I have always been an admirer of period costume and studied this intensely when completing my Photographic degree in which I also photographed the Nude Female Form. This interest evolved into working as an embellisher for a local bridal boutique where I had the chance to develop my beading and embroidery design skills.

I have completed a number of commisioned pieces for private collectors and also have a selection of work for sale in two Exeter stores.

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