Meet the maker Elizabeth Marsden

Down to earth recycling exists to produce useful, practical things at a reasonable price that will make maximum use of the earth’s precious resources. I am a bit of a recycling nut and dedicated to spreading the gospel ‘use, re use, use for something else then find a way of recycling’. We live on a finite world that we are rapidly consuming and if I persuade some followers to get as much pleasure as I do in finding a way to not just ‘buy a new one’ then there will be a little more for everyone.

I am given and pick up textiles, yarn, ribbons trimmings etc and spend many happy hours devising ways to transform them into useful items, I can’t use them all my self so in selling them the hope is to offer something that can be put to good use and give my customers ideas of their own. I have two rules 1) don't buy anything new, full price, that's not left over from something or already been used, and 2) use every scrap. There is no end of satisfaction in thinking of ways to fulfil these two simple rules.