Meet the maker Dave Haward

About Me - Dave Haward
I have loved making and restoring many varied objects since I was a child. My first tool kit was a present when I was about eight years old. Since then I have continued to work with my hands albeit sometimes in my spare time. As I have got older my preference has turned to smaller more intricate items. Restoring and French polishing an item the size of a boardroom table seems to get harder when you are over 50!

Where I work -
I have a small workshop near Brighton in Sussex, England with views of the rolling Sussex Downs which can be a great source of inspiration. Restoration work can be undertaken at clients’ premises if appropriate.

What I do –
I make pieces of my own design using a variety of materials (woods, metals, acrylics) and a variety of techniques both traditional and modern. As a preference I work with hand tools whenever practical and all my finishing work is performed by hand.
I undertake commission pieces, usually variations on my established designs, but I am happy to discuss totally bespoke pieces.
I seek out vintage and antique pieces in need of love and care, then restore them to their former glory using traditional methods.
I offer a restoration service for clients’ pieces.
I offer French polishing and refinishing services both in my workshop and at client’s premises/homes if they are local.

Why the Naked Craftsman?
Firstly. I believe in the beauty of the natural material and so any finishes I use enhance the colours and grain of the material presenting it in its naked state. Heavy stains, dyes and paints are coatings and therefore the material is no longer capable of exhibiting its own beauty and has become a colour carrier. For this reason I do not use these finishes unless by special request on bespoke orders.
Secondly. ………