Meet the maker Lana Coupe

My name is Lana.
I've studied fashion, some drawing, sewing, printing, illustration and loads of unnecessary subjects like -->spatial geometry?!
All of those arty skills had to be put in a back seat when my two ladies were born. Kitchen, prams, finding fab postcode and school choosing took over for far too long.
Now my daughters can take a bus to secondary school and I'm dying to utilise my creativity.
I'll even do spatial geometry.
If it comes out cool.

PoP mats are product of an ingenious idea of having limited edition art, hand printed or painted, on your table. Seriously!
friends were like, nooooo?!
And I was like: yes.
I'll cut out a paper stencil and then use fabric paints to dab Jarvis' famous half profile on the cotton cloth, stitch the ends and iron-seal it!

Bags, rags and sweat cloth are all coming out in my Folksy store.

Thanks for stopping by!