Meet the maker Caron Williams

Thank you for stopping by my shop !!
My name is Caron,
I live in the Wild West Wales in the united Kingdom

I have had a passion for Art & Crafts since my childhood as my dad was a well known Artist and my mum a craft teacher, both were my teachers and mentors.

Im very interested in Art & Design, i love to silk paint, create & design.
I am a self taught fibre Artist.
I enjoy playing with wool fibres and healing crystals as nature's colour's & forms amaze me.

I make personalised crystal jewellery to help amplify individuals own personal healing or protection needs, please contact me or email for a free consultation…
I love music, dancing, I have always related to nymphs, fairies and other nature spirits,
folk lore,mythology and mother earth.

All my items are handmade by me and are unique, one offs made with love and passion.
My inspirations come from nature.
My personal Website:
Essence of Tranquility
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