Meet the maker andrew moore

Andy has worked with wood since making lovespoons in Wales in 1977.
1980 , Andy travelled the length and breadth of the USA making , selling and promoting the welsh lovespoon. 1981 heralded emigratiion to S.Africa for 5 years. Upon return in 1986 Andy settled in rural Perthshire and expanded his woodwork into 3D carving. Mainly inspired by the wildlife all around and the hidden quality and beauty of relatively unused british timber, such as elm burr, Andy paved the way for using natures own shapes and sculpting abstract shaped bowls and mirrors. This is something that has been adopted by "everyone and their dog" but Andy still keeps an edge with creative imagination.
Imagination also shows in his mythical carvings such as the grim reaper and humour of a slug wrapped around an apple or 2 carved hedgehogs conversing on the M25.
To see more of this please visit his online gallery@