Meet the maker Lisa Bennett

Hello there!

I am a textile/clothing designer living in leafy-hilly South-East London, with my partner, daughters and guinea pigs. Being a maker, crafter and artist, apron-wearing is very much part of my life - even when working at the computer I'm often wearing an apron, it puts me in the right frame of mind!

It's important to me that my work is well constructed and beautifully finished: my aprons are designed with art/craft practitioners and shop-keepers in mind, but they are also pretty good for baking, gardening, household chores, cleaning out guinea-pigs..... the children's aprons are embellished with my signature handmade appliqué logos.

Inspiration comes from fabric finds, vintage work-wear and old photographs of working people. The process of designing a new apron involves consideration of its specific functions - determining size/shape of pockets, length, strength and durability of construction especially the ties and fastenings.

I’ve got lots of new apron designs in the pipeline - including a proper woodworker's apron - so do pop back from time to time or 'Favourite' my shop.

- Lisa