Meet the maker

It all began when in my teens I watched a potter turn a ball of clay into a beautiful vessel. This memory sowed in me a seed that made me leave a successful career as a linguist + learn the skills of working with clay.

With the guidance of gifted potters, I learnt to hand-build, throw + turn, to manipulate form + develop surface colour + texture. Essentially though I am self-taught + rather proud of it.

In my garden studio by the sea, I make small series of functional ceramics + one-off decorative pieces. Some are hand-built, others are thrown. The use decides the method. I see the beauty in both.

The appeal of a piece of ceramic largely depends on the surface treatment it has been given. I use my own slips + glazes + add to some pieces images created by my illustrator daughter Zanna. All functional work is food-safe + dishwasher-proof. Fused right into the glaze, images are there to stay.

Glaze variations, finger-marks + minor differences of shape + size are what sets handmade ceramics apart from factory-produced ware. The absence of uniformity gives a piece personality, life + the individuality I look for as a maker. I love the ceramics I make. Maybe you will fall in love with them too.

Thanks for browsing.

Mecki x