Meet the maker The Jones Family

In 1983 Joan started learning Pyrography and as the years progressed moved on to teach others. Joan still manages to do some pyrography (using almost any British Grown Hardwood.) but now also spends some time wood turning, making the spinning and weaving accessories.

In 1984 Clive started Wood-Turning using only a lathe attachment for his drill. The next year Clive acquired a 36" bed Coronet lathe and now has 2 electric lathes. Clive use to turn anything from small lace bobbins to four poster bed legs but now most of his time is spent making Timbertops spinning wheels or repairing spinning wheels for Customers.

Over the years, Commissions have been quite varied and have ranged from a batch of wooden onions for BBC Radio Wales, to producing the Cheese Stretchers and Cheeses for Caerphilly's notorious 'Big Cheese' Cheese Race, to the pyrography on the Ram's Horn handle of a shepherd's crook for Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Bowls made by Clive which were pyrographed and painted by Joan with Shire Horses as perpetual awards for the South Wales Shire Horse Society in memory of Charles Brown ('Charlie')
In more recent years we have also carved and turned many parts of the shop fronts in Blaenavon when they were renovated following World Heritage status (photos available)
Our two Daughters have been learning crafts since they were small and now have a working knowledge of well over 50 different crafts.
In 1995 Clive made his first spinning wheel and then in 2001 (the year of Foot & Mouth) we started attending Brecon Farmer's Market and with meeting various smallholders at the Market, who did spinning, we began a new venture repairing spinning wheels.Iin 2007 we expanded this with a range of spinning and weaving accessories and also purchasing then renovating/repairing spinning wheels for sale. In 2008 we took over Timbertops Spinning Wheels from James and Anne Williamson.
'Billy' is the newest working member of the team - ¾ Jack Russell and ¼ Japanese Chin. He likes being our guard dog but is allowed to have a snooze now and then. He has his own fan club as people often say they visit us to see Billy!!