Meet the maker Martin Wilson & Pam Smith

We have collected ceramics for years and have always intended to produce ourselves. A few years ago we dug a pit in the garden and fired our first, very basic, pots. They came out of the fire pit black and very porous but we were hooked. We bought a small kiln and started to produce decorative unglazed stoneware. It wasn't long before we had introduced glazes and then a potters wheel.
While our influences vary widely, we find that our pots are becoming more and more about form. This is a natural consequence of our improved skill level. The better we get the more we want a cleaner crisper finish, while retaining a hand thrown quality. We don't know where this is leading, but we are enjoying the journey so don't really care, as long as the pots are still useful and good to look at.
Our aim is to produce well designed, well made & affordable pots.

Martin & Pam